Remember: We are a Nut-Restricted School. Please refer to the link below for a list of appropriate snacks.
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Birthday Celebrations
Our classroom has a special policy for celebrating birthdays. Your child is welcome to bring in a wrapped birthday book to share on his or her special day. They will share the book with the class and everyone can sign the inside cover. This book can remain in our classroom for everyone to enjoy until the end of the year. If you don’t wish to purchase a new book your child can bring in their favorite book to share for the day. You may also send in stickers, bookmarks, or pencils as another alternative. If you send in multiple items please have them packaged in baggies to make the process of passing them out run smoothly. For students that have birthdays during the summer they can celebrate on their half birthday or just choose a day to bring in their book. We ask that you not send in food items for birthday treats for a variety of reasons including health and wellness, allergies, and a shift in focus from the treat to the special person. In order to be sensitive to other children’s feelings please do not send in invitations for him or her to give out at school unless the entire class is invited.