Reading or Writing Log
Every Friday, students will receive a reading or writing log. This log is due the following Friday. Students should read or write for 20 minutes 5 nights throughout the week. Independent reading and writing is an extremely valuable component to student success.

Spelling Homework
More information on spelling homework will be sent home at the beginning of October before we start spelling.

Math Homework
Usually student receive math homework on Monday's and it is due on Wednesday. Then they receive a new assignment on Wednesday's that is due on Friday. Occasionally, this schedule might not be followed exactly but I try to keep it on a schedule so students and parents know what to expect. Please visit the link below for copies of the students home connections (abreviated in planners as HC followed by a number). The link below also provides information for parents to help describe how concepts are introduced in each unit.

Math Learning Center

Tests and Study Guides
A study guide will be sent home one week before a test in math, science, or social studies. I will also post the study guide on my website under curriculum information. This too will be available one week before a test.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding homework. Students fill out their agendas on a daily basis and I sign them to verify completion. You can always write me a note in their angeda to ask a question about homework.