Math Unit 1
Our first math unit is on computation, alegbraic thinking and probability. Students will focus on reviewing their basic addition and subtraction facts, analyzing patterns, and estimating and measuring.

Unit 1: Compuatation, Alegbraic Thinking, and Probability

Reading Workshop
To kick off reading workshop students will learn how to build an independent reading life. We will establish reading routines and create a class community. Students will review strategies to help them read accurately and with deep comprehension. We will also start to form reading partnerships that will help us effectively discuss the stories we read during workshop time.

Writing Workshop
Students will generate ideas and create notebook entries to develop personal narratives that are based on real experiences or events from their lives. They will learn strategies to help them focus on a seed sized topic. Then they will learn how to make a movie in their mind and write their ideas down clearly. Students will also determine the heart of their stories and organize a clear event sequence that unfolds naturally using exact details and specific words. We will take our narratives through the writing process while creating drafts, revising, editing, and publishing our work.

Life Structures
The students will observe, compare, categorize and care for organisms. They will learn to identify the properties of plants and animals and sort and group organisms based on observable properties.

Social Studies: Geography and Mapping Skills
Throughout our first social studies unit students will begin focusing on reading and analyzing maps. We will learn about the different landforms and physical features of Michigan.

Multiplication Practice Games:
Amoeba Multiplication Game Look for "Written Multiplication Game." This activity breaks multi-digit multiplication problems into partial products to solve. Excellent practice with larger multiplication. Beginner level includes 1 digit x 2 digit; Advanced level uses 3 digit x 2 digit.
Times Square This game provides practice with multiplication facts as players race to be the first to get 4 products in a row on the game board. Use "guest pass" to enter game list & play against the computer.
Factor Dazzle Players score points for finding all the factors of target numbers set by their opponents. Use "guest pass" to enter game list & play against the computer.
Table Numbers Choose a factor between 2 and 9. Then view 3 different numbers, and select the one that is a multiple of the chosen factor.
MathTappers: Multiples App compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for math practice on the go. This is a simple, free game designed to help learners make sense of multiplication & division using visual models.

Curriculum Night Packet
Click on the file below to access the packet that was distributed on curriculum night.